Mixvibes Cross DJ software

Mix tracks in perfect sync on a powerful audio engine. Engineered by Mixvibes, digital DJing pioneer for 15 years.

  • Cross DJ Free
    Essential features for free:
    • 2 decks + mixer
    • High-quality audio: filter, master tempo
    • iTunes support
    • 3 audio effects
    • 64 bits
  • Cross
    $/€99 129
    All Cross DJ features plus:
    • Mix video files - compatible with all codecs
    • 35 video transition effects + 18 video effects
    • Syphon compatible
    • CDJ control (HID)
    • Vinyl control (DVS)

Mix tracks in perfect sync

• Powerful BPM detection: Cross DJ finds the BPM of your tracks and syncs them. You can also adjust grids for tracks with loose BPM.
Key detection & control: Create smooth, harmonic mixes. Compatible tracks are highlighted in orange.
• Pristine sound quality: Cross supports all major music formats.

Smart music collection

iTunes integration – All your music is there
• Just like rekordbox™ – World class collection
rekordbox sync – retrieve hot cues, loops & playlists in rekordbox
• History & record – What did I play last night?
Automix – The music never stops.
• Easy switch – Import Traktor™ & Virtual DJ™ libraries.

Mix SoundCloud

• Unlimited music: No premium account needed.
• Your SoundCloud account, in Cross: Log in to your account to have your sets, favorites, stream & tracks directly in Cross.
• Fast loading: Almost as fast as locally-hosted tracks.
• Retrieve BPM, Key & Hot cues: Cross remembers the track meta-data of the SoundCloud tracks you played previously.
• Share your mix: Record your mix and share it directly on major DJ platforms.

Remix your tracks

Perform on pro industry standards tools:

• Frequency colored waveforms
Loops, hot cues, smart seek
• Filters and DJM modeled EQs
• 14 audio effects


80+ MIDI controllers

DJing is about twisting knobs and pushing faders. Control Cross using one of the 80+ compatible controllers. Edit the mappings to make them your own. The system is plug and play.
Cross works with top controllers from Pioneer, Numark, Allen & Heath, Gemini, Denon, Vestax & more.
See the list of compatible controllers.

Video DJing Reinvented

• Play video like audio
• Sync video to audio
Video sampler
Webcam input
• External output
• Syphon: route external output

CDJ control

The most advanced HID integration on the market.

All you need is 2 USB cables and your computer.
Every button of the CDJ is mapped. Browse and control your mix with the CDJ screen.


Vinyl control

It’s like having every MP3 pressed on a record.
Cross can be controlled using timecode vinyl records or CDs.
Get the feel of real records with all the benefits of digital.
  • Plug & play system.
  • 1300 Hz timecode for accurate scratching.
  • Absolute and relative modes.
Typical DVS setup.
Requires 2 timecode records + soundcard.

Also works with CD.

Works with any soundcard. Even NI and Rane.

Ableton Link integration

Your app, device or OS does not matter anymore. Just turn on Ableton Link and join the jam! It’s:

  • Simple: enable Ableton Link with a single click.
  • Intuitive: anyone can join in and play, from beginners to experienced musicians.
  • Creative: use several apps at the same time to get that jam session feeling.

Already have Cross DJ? Upgrade to Cross by clicking here.

Feature list

Decks & Mixer

• 4 full featured players

• 2 x 8-pad samplers. 3 play modes: loops, one shots, hold. Hot sampling. Sync to master

• Frequency colored Waveforms. Low, mid and high are colored differently to reflect track structure. 3 color schemes : Legacy (Yellow / Red), Nexus (Blue), Spectrum (Multi-color) NEW

• Sync for automatic beat matching. Sync link mode (with master deck) or direct sync

• 4-channel Mixer with 3-band EQ, volume faders, crossfader, level meters and bi-filter. Classic club standard DJM EQ preset NEW

• Beatmatcher (Parallel waveforms)

• 2 Effect units (including Low-Pass, Hi-Pass, Echo, Delay, Phaser, X-Phaser, Flanger, Jet, Transform, Chopper, Crush, Bliss, Brake, Roll)

• Modular user interface

• 8 hot cues/loops per track

• Smart seek (jump playback position using increments of 1/32 to 32 beats)

• Snap and quantize (every action stays on the beat)

• Slip mode (lets the track play underneath while you scratch, loop or use hot cues)

• Adjustable start & stop time

• Advanced beat grid editor for tracks with irregular BPM (multiple grids per track)

• Manual & auto loops (1/32 to 32 beats)

• Built-in key detection engine

• Dynamic key control and display (harmonic or classic notation)

• High quality Keylock

• Pitch fader and pitch bend (Pitch range from 4% to 100%)

• Audio Recording

• Autoplay

• Compatible audio formats: MP3, M4A, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, AAC, Apple Lossless, WMA

• 64-bit version

• Ableton Link integration NEW

• Syphon integration (Mac 64-bit only) NEW


• 2 full audio/video players

• Audio/video switch for effects and mixer NEW

• Audio/video crossfader with auto crossfade NEW

• Resizable video preview bar NEW

• Control video using mouse & keyboard, iOS remotes, controllers, CDJ or vinyl

• Video sampler: 4 pad of video sampling. Save sample banks, 3 blend modes and video hot sampling NEW

• Video sync: videos with a tempo sync to the audio track. Rhythmic VJ clips can be used with any track NEW

• Separate audio/video loading on players NEW

• Save audio/video couples for one click loading NEW

• Plug and play webcam integration. Add live footage to the mix NEW

• Text/image editor. Write messages and use images NEW

• Customizable audio/video effect coupling NEW

• Edit video ratio

• Video recording NEW

• 36 video transitions


• iTunes integration

• Advanced media management (smart playlists, filter search, color coding, tag editing, etc.)

• Import libraries from rekordbox™ and other DJ software (TRAKTOR™, Virtual DJ™, etc.), including beat grid and hot cues

• Record your mix and share it on Mixcloud™& Soundcloud™ (audio), YouTube™ & Dailymotion™ (video)

• History playlist to keep track of previous sessions

• SoundCloud integration NEW

• Free Loopmasters™ sample banks included

• Track Match: suggests new tracks, 3 modes available: auto, history, manual NEW

• Sync BPM/Key on all tabs NEW

• Navigation history widget NEW

• Exact search with double quotes NEW

• Waterfall search NEW

External Control

• Over 80 MIDI controllers supported and pre-mapped

• Vinyl and CD timecode control

• CDJ HID control (supports CDJ 2000NXS, 2000, 900 NXS, 900, 850, 400, 350)

• Mapping editor with macros

• Advanced audio routing

• Supports any external sound card, even for DVS

• 5 languages supported (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)

• Cross DJ Remote iPhone & iPad application support

Minimum System Requirements

• Windows 7 / Windows 8 or Windows 10

• Mac OS X 10.6 / 10.7 / 10.8 or 10.9

• Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.1 GHz or equivalent

• 2 GB RAM

• Screen resolution 1280 x 720 pixels or higher