Remixvideo public beta 1.3  

Music generates visuals

The beta for Remixvideo 1.3 is now open. This new update mainly adds generators, a new type of video file that reacts to the audio and can be edited in real time.

Generators’ shapes are influenced by the BPM, waveform or frequencies of the music played. They can be combined with Audio Live Input, a feature that analyzes external audio sources.

Generators are the video equivalent to audio synthesis and come with fully editable parameters. 4 additional knobs have been added in the edit view to tweak their shapes.

Sign up to the beta below to discover more about generators and how to use them. 

What’s new in Remixvideo 1.3?


– Generators react to BPM, waveform or frequencies of the music played
– A new free pack: Essential generators

– 4 knobs to change the shape of generators in real-time
– Combine generators with Audio Live Input to sync visuals with the music outputted from your hardware or software