Remixvideo public beta 1.2  

Now with Windows support

PC users rejoice: Remixvideo 1.2 adds Windows support! Mac users can also enjoy a batch of new features and improvements. Please scroll down the page for a comprehensive list.

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What’s new in Remixvideo 1.2?

Windows support:
– Touchscreen compatibility.

– Spout support: share video output between compatible applications.
– Minimum requirements: Windows 7 & above – 64 bits only.

Main new features:
– Add Live Audio Input: get BPM, waveform & frequency from external sources.

– Generators react to Live Audio Input: try it with “FX Flux” or “FX Node” from default pack.
– Add tap-tempo.
– Add quantize control in top bar.
– Add autopilot settings page.
– Add edit button in generator sample properties (with live reload). check for more informations.

Improved download and export of packs:
– Add resumable download (download will resume from last progress if interrupted).
– Add smart compression for pack export (will not try to compress compressed media files).

Other minor feature additions:
– Add record start when main clock starts.
– Add new pad UI to display sample type, and full-name in tooltip.
– Add new pad behaviour: clic on image to play, and on name to select.
– Add sliders to tweak pad position (clic on “Position” to switch from XY pad to X & Y slider).
– Add smarter video buffering.
– Add a new “New pack” dialog.

Bug fix and improvements:
– Fix potential erroneous audio device initialization.
– Fix APC 40 mapping.
– Fix unload pad substitued audio.
– Fix stereo input and stereo output for Remixvideo plugin.
– Fix VST main window close and re-open.
– Fix video preview visibility while opening record or pack collection view.